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Many causes contribute to moisture stains inside the home. The main ones are: the capillarity of the bricks, the porosity of the exterior walls, infiltration due to damaged gutters or exterior artifacts, or vapor condensation in the more north-facing interior walls. The stain of moisture is the ideal habitat for the formation of “mold” inside the house. The “Molds”, in addition to creating aesthetic problems and unpleasant odors, are carriers of inconvenience of a hygienic – sanitary nature, especially in environments intended for food production and processing in public places (bars, restaurants, taverns, etc. ..). Normal water-based paints will not solve the “Mold” problem except for a very short period of time.

IDROSIL – IDROMUR are products studied and tested for the homogeneous protection of interior walls where a permanent action against the settlement of bacterial flora and fauna is required with an excellent duration in time. The combined use of both products is essential.

IDROSIL – disinfects and restores walls affected by mold

IDROMUR – water-based paint that prevents the formation of mold microbial protection

– 1st phase support preparation: brush well the mineral surface, then apply with a sponge for at least three times wet on wet, a disinfectant solution of IDROSIL (algaecide and fungicide) code 0410000 diluted with 100% of water (1 liter of IDROSIL and 1 liter of water) so that the wall is impregnated, after 24 hours brush the surface and apply the antibacterial finish – 2nd phase antibacterial finish: application of one or two coats of anti-mold water paint IDROMUR code 0401000 to complete coverage, drying for 24 hours at 20 ° C.