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The new SICOLOR solvent-based colorimetric system was introduced in 2008 with a view to extending the company’s commercial presence in the field of colored coatings, and represents the most suitable tool for responding to and satisfying the needs of both the professional and private markets. This system, combined with special electronic instruments, makes it possible to obtain, at the point of sale, a good, faithful reproduction of the color of the products we sell.


Solvent System consists of 16 180 series pastes specific for all solvent products (construction and industry) based on polymeric wetting agents for maximum compatibility, yield and color uniformity, specifically:

– Wide availability of colors for the realization of historical centers, shipbuilding and furniture, consisting of cold colors (Città Colore, Sicolor), universal (NCS, RAL) and the most important brands in the industry, for a total of 3000 colors.

– Pigment-based pastes free of chromium and lead and free of aromatic solvents.

– Manual or electronic equipment calibrated to customer needs.

– Minimal stock commitment: one base per product for the realization of the entire color range at competitive costs.

– Range of products available: alkyd enamels, fast drying, nitro, glossy and satin P.U.R., acrylic, epoxy, anti-rust, primers and undercoats etc.

Città Colore, Sicolor, NCS and RAL maquettes are reproducible as coordinated colors in the various water and solvent systems.

N.B. The realization of the colors of our collection, can give rise to slight chromatic deviations, in relation to the chemical nature of the converters, the pastes and the configuration for dosing and dispensing of the machine, which requires periodic and systematic maintenance.