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The Company, after successive and gradual enlargements, is currently made up of a production area of 9300 square meters, of which 5200 are covered, and of the new warehouse for finished products with annexed retail sales point, completed in front of the old structure and inaugurated in January 2003, consisting in turn of an area of 7200 square meters, of which 2500 are covered.

In recent years, moreover, we have witnessed and continue to witness a progressive restructuring of production departments and the introduction of plants with greater production potential, lower environmental impact and higher technological and automated content, with a view to continuous improvement and correspondence with the needs of competitiveness and safety.

In addition, Industria Colori Freddi has an in-house laboratory, equipped to conduct the necessary tests to ensure product quality and process efficiency. It has tools and equipment for:

  • Reproduction of application cycles
  • Reproduction of production cycles
  • Measurements of physical parameters
  • Temperature measurements
  • Weight measurements
  • Conductivity measurements
  • Hue Assessment
  • Qualitative evaluation of applied products
  • Lightfastness tests
  • Salt spray resistance tests
  • High temperature resistance tests

Test equipment and measuring instruments are chosen to meet the levels of uncertainty required by the type of product and the tolerances expressed by standards and specifications; they are also subject to control, calibration and maintenance according to pre-established plans. Each control operation, as far as possible, is traceable through a chain of traceability to national and/or international recognized standards; if this is not applicable, the method used for calibration is appropriately documented. Personnel responsible for performing calibration tests shall be properly trained.