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Founded back in 1935 by Mr. Fierino Freddi with the name of Colorificio San Giorgio; this name derived from the homonymous locality in the north-eastern outskirts of Mantua, where the factory was built. In practice, this was a craft shop with a workshop for the production of water paints; even the trademark was inspired by the locality and consisted precisely of St. George on horseback killing the dragon. In 1956, the founder was succeeded in the management by his son, Mr. Remo Freddi, who began to transform the small business with a pre-eminent commercial character into an activity more based on production. During the years between 1970 and 1975, the paint shop had a big commercial development that allowed it to pass from a small handicraft activity to a medium-sized company structure. In 1977, Colorificio San Giorgio’s name was changed from a sole proprietorship to a joint-stock company and the logo of the saint slaying the dragon was replaced with the current dragon with open wings, symbolising the strength, vigour and dynamism that characterises the world of paints, which is constantly changing and evolving technologically. In 1979, after the premature death of the co-founder Mr. Remo Freddi and several changes in the legal form and corporate structure, the company was acquired by Mr. Romano Freddi, an important entrepreneur in the food sector.

In 1983 the company took on the definitive and current legal nature of: INDUSTRIA COLORI FREDDI S. GIORGIO S.r.l.

The company, which was initially set up with a commercial vocation aimed exclusively at the building and resale sector, gradually entered the industrial sector in the following years, completely reversing the relationship between this latter sector and the first two without, however, penalising the latter. The diversification of production achieved in this way has made it possible to maintain a good commercial level even in years of economic crisis, despite the problematic organisational implications inherent in the excessive pulverisation of production.

Since July 2004 the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001, for the development and manufacture of paints and related products for industry, commerce, anticorrosion and professional building (EA 12).