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The Management of COLORI FREDDI intends to establish with this document the company’s quality policy.

The following priority objectives are identified:

  • Consolidation of market areas currently covered and expansion to new areas of commercial interest.
  • Consolidation of the turnover achieved so far and progressive increase of the same.
  • Optimization and capillary diffusion of the new tinting system for the reproduction of colors by mixture.

For the achievement of the objectives indicated it is considered of fundamental importance to pursue:

  • staff satisfaction, through the provision of appropriate training, constant motivation, safeguarding of safety and professional gratification;
  • customer satisfaction, through the proposal of a product and a service characterized by a quality level of excellence and through the guarantee of maximum speed in the execution of orders;
  • The conformity of products to the requirements of applicable laws, standards, regulations and specifications;
  • environmental protection, not only by complying with applicable laws and regulations, but by pursuing the constant improvement of its performance in relation to air, soil and water pollution, energy and raw material consumption and waste disposal;
  • the continuous improvement of the existing situation with regard to the quality of the product, the service and the entire company organization.

For this reason, management:

  • undertakes to make available all the human, technological and financial resources that may be necessary to achieve the objectives indicated, consistent with the rules dictated by a sound economic policy;
  • commands the dissemination of this document to all levels of the company;
  • entrusts all employees with its complete and constant application, to the extent of their specific competence.