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SINCAMTRE is the specific finish with exceptional adhesion to the support with properties of consolidation and blocking of asbestos fibers, its excellent resistance to chalking determines a long conservation over time of the treated surfaces and prevents the emergence of asbestos fibers.

SINCAMTRE has been judged suitable for the encapsulation and inertisation of asbestos cement by the polytechnic research center “Istituto Giordano di Bellaria – RN” with the following certifications:

– Type A encapsulating coating (exposed to the outside) Certificates of Suitability No. 157409-410 dated 28/2/02

– Encapsulating coating type B (visible inside) Certificate of suitability n° 158971 of 19/04/02

– Type D Encapsulating Coating (Removal and or Disposal Interventions). Rapp. of test No. 158972 of 19/04/02.

– 1st pre-treatment phase: the surfaces to be treated must be dry and clean, free of moss and mold, then apply a coat of solvent-based fixative primer code 4600000 to be diluted 50% with turpentine or water-based fixative primer code 430000 to be diluted 100% with water, drying for 24 hours at 20°C.

N.B. The choice of the fixative depends on the state of conservation of the support to be treated. – 2nd finishing phase: two coats 24 hours apart to complete coverage (the two coats must be of a different and contrasting color) of water-based elastomeric 045 series (SINCAMTRE), total drying after 48 hours at 20°C.