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SCUDETTO code 0101100 is applied by spray with any system that allows a convenient spraying. Mix the product thoroughly in its container, then dilute to 30-50% by volume with water. Basically, for each 15-liter pack of SCUDETTO, add 5-7.5 liters of water and homogenize. SCUDETTO dries quickly and thanks to its high covering power, half a pack of product is sufficient to draw a soccer field of usual size.


Tennis Courts Series 032 is a paint for creating playground areas, it has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, fiber cement panels, bitumen, bitumen paper.

– 1st phase of substrate preparation: the surfaces to be treated must be dry and clean, free of moss and mold, then apply a coat of series 032 diluted with 40 % water, drying for 24 hours at 20°C.

– 2nd finishing phase: second coat to complete coverage of water-based elastomeric 032 series diluted at 5%, total drying after 3 – 4 days at 20°C.


Chlorocaucciu enamel modified with unsaponifiable plasticizers. Thanks to its chemical and corrosion resistance, it is suitable for substrates exposed to high levels of humidity and structures that are wet or immersed in both fresh and salt water, making it particularly suitable for coating concrete structures such as swimming pools that contain water.

– 1st phase of substrate preparation: For the painting of new swimming pools it is advisable that the plaster is finely floated, cured for at least 28 days and perfectly dry. In case of repainting on pre-existing products it is advisable to remove the old paint not perfectly adhered to the support, brush and clean thoroughly before proceeding with the application of the enamel. In the most difficult cases it is advisable to resort to sandblasting to obtain a uniform support and ideal for a homogeneous finish.

– 2nd finishing phase: two coats after 24 hours one after the other to completely cover the 651 series chlorinated rubber enamel, total drying after 10 days at 20°C.